"Experience the difference of custom in-ear monitors, handmade in the USA"

Såhär lägger du din beställning!

  1. Första steget är att boka tid hos en audiolog. I Stockholmsområdet samarbetar vi med Hörseltekniska Laboratoriet.
  2. Skriv ut Inearz tipsheet nedan och ta med dig när du besöker audiologen för enkla anvisningar.
  3. När dina avgjutningar är klara kan antingen audiologen skicka dom direkt till oss eller så skickar du dom till oss. (Är det en reparation eller remold av ett par gamla in-ears så använder du filen Remold Order Form). 
  4. Fyll i formuläret Custom IEM Form nedan så vi får alla dina önskemål. Vi kontaktar dig via mail med prisuppgift för swish alternativt faktura beroende på vad du väljer för betalningsalternativ. Du behöver ej göra en beställning på hemsidan efter formuläret är ifyllt utan vi tar hand om det därifrån och återkommer till dig.
  5. När vi fått in dina avgjutningar och orderformulär så skickar vi dom till Florida, USA för en perfekt framtagen in-ear monitor som skickas till dig när dom är färdiga.
  6. Processen från vår sida startar först när vi fått betalning.
  7. Kontakta oss på 073-731 77 13 eller frida@westridgeaudio.se vid frågor.
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  • Pricing is based per side, so make sure you choose both left and right shell and faceplate.
    Please check color and options chart above before ordering.
    If any questions, please email: frida@westridgeaudio.se
    or call 0737-317713.
    Send your ear impressions to:
    Westridge Audio, Östermalmsgatan 15, 722 14 Västerås
  • We'll get back to you as soon as we have handled your order with the right amount to pay for Swish or with an invoice to your email.
  • A revolutionary “second eardrum” called the Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens (ADEL™) which absorbs harmful in-ear pressures, thereby preserving the health of the human ear, thus allowing people to more safely hear sound the way it needs to be heard. (Read more below this form)

  • Helps user identify wax build up easier in the sound ports on the canal, especially on opaque colored shells.

  • Helps user identify wax build up easier in the sound ports on the canal, especially on opaque colored shells.

  • Depending on supplies, build time may vary.

  • Depending on supplies, build time may vary.

  • Upload your own logo or design. High Resolution PNG or JPEG file preferred with the background removed.
    (max 50 MB)
  • Upload your own logo or design. High Resolution PNG or JPEG file preferred with the background removed.
    (max 50 MB)

  • Moves the cable end further into the shell and provide a more sturdy mounting point for the cable and the pins of the cable thus protecting it more.
  • This allows a customer to not feel so isolated by allowing ambient/outside noise in with the in-ear monitors inserted. A ambient plug tree with different size plugs is included with this option. Note that if any plug other than the solid one is used bass response is greatly reduced. **Dependent on ear size**
  • Limited to 3 characters
  • Your entry is case sensitive and will appear exactly as typed. Limited to 25 characters.
  • Ensures 12-15 business days after usable impressions and payment have been received.

ADEL Technology

ADEL™ is the world's first and only patented technology that safely delivers a louder, more spacious and richer sound in professional In-Ear Monitors & Earbuds- all while avoiding the risk of hearing damage caused by earbuds.

Cause it's a fact: Earbuds cause hearing loss...
Stephen discovered that when the ear canal is sealed by an earbud, the speaker vibrations create acoustic pressure. In the confined space of the closed ear canal, these become harmful amplified pneumatic pressures and cause the eardrum to move with an amplitude thousands of times greater than normal. Tiny muscles around the eardrum then tighten to protect the ear by dampening the sound. To overcome this dampening you must turn up the volume. The more the volume increases, the more the eardrum tightens. And so on. And so on.
40 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. For 10 million Americans, the hearing loss is noise induced, not reversible and permanent.

The Solution...
Stephen found a way to break the cycle. It’s called ADEL™ and it’ll change the way you hear music. This technology adds a second eardrum into all of our earbuds. This second eardrum takes the punishment of the pneumatic pressure caused by sound in the ear canal, and delivers clear, crisp sound that’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard. And it’s not louder noise coming from your earbuds.

Actually, with ADEL™, it’s quieter – often operating at 1/10th the amplified in-ear power levels of traditional listening devices (per studies conducted at Vanderbilt University Medical Center). And by not prematurely tightening in-ear muscles, which can dramatically compress the volume, loud sounds actually sound louder and require less overall volume levels.  The results from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center study show that using ADEL™ allows listeners to enjoy Enhanced Loudness Perception (lower volumes sound significantly louder and better over conventional devices). This provides them a louder yet safer, high fidelity listening experience at greatly reduced power levels (1/4 to 1/16th typical levels) with no perceived loss in volume.