We specialize in recorded audio production. We help our clients with editing, mixing and mastering music, podcasts, videos and any content with audio. A better sound will enhance the listeners over all experience and help generate more listeners, followers and fans. 

We take great pride in enhancing the experiences sound and make sure your target audience gets the best possible listening experience. No matter how the audio was recorded, it can be enhanced 99,9% of the time. 

When mix is done, we walk the extra mile for you. With experienced ears and professional equipment, mastering engineer Daniel Hellsten will make sure to enhance your work so it can sound its best before distribution. We master everything "in the box" without any analogue equipment, reducing the signal losses to make sure to keep the sound as clean as can be. With extra passion for electronic music and live concert recordings, we take on any project that could be sonically enhanced. 

As if that was not enough, CEO Daniel Hellsten offer production design and managment for Live events.
With 20+ years of experience in technical production, no project is to big or small for us to handle.
We take care of all technical production, so you can focus on your performance. 

Visit www.danielhellsten.se for more info and portfolio.