Kuzar Systems S.L - 100% made in Spain!

Kuzar are a Spanish company located in Valencia, dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of structures and towerslifts for the Light&Sound Sector. They have been manufacturing Towerlifts and Truss for over 15 years now, and not only under Kuzar branding. 
Over the years they have implemented many improvements and innovations in the general design of towerlifts. They have a team behind them that pride themselves on their product, and this ensures you are completely satisfied with yours.
This company is specialized in creating all kinds of truss structures, whether it be standard measurements or fully customized projects under the costumer specifications.
All the products have a warranty of two years, and we strongly believe you will not find a better value product. Kuzars policy is to deliver quality, safety and service to ALL the customers.